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Harvest potatoes - wait for the right time


Potatoes from your own garden are very special. So that they are really ripe, you have to wait for the right time to harvest. Read here exactly when it is.

It depends on the right time

Growing potatoes in our own garden is becoming increasingly popular with us, after all it is completely unproblematic. When it comes to harvesting the potatoes, the ideal time is particularly important. Of course, this largely depends on the cultivated variety, because there are early, medium-early and late potato varieties.

With the very early varieties, you can count on the harvest from the beginning of June. However, the new potatoes do not have a very long shelf life. They are therefore primarily suitable for immediate consumption.

With the early and late potato varieties, you have to be patient for a long time before a harvest is possible. Sometimes it lasts until October.

❀ The right time

When harvesting potatoes, you should never stubbornly follow the calendar. Potatoes must always be completely ripe when harvested. You can recognize this from the fact that you can no longer remove the shell with your fingers. Only then are the tubers ready for harvest. At the time of harvesting, the above-ground green should already have dried up and died. But even then you don't start harvesting straight away, but wait about two to three weeks.

When the above-ground parts of the plant have died, the plant puts all of its strength into forming a hard shell around the tubers. And this thick skin is extremely important if you want to store the potatoes afterwards. (Reading tip: storing potatoes - 5 tips for correct storage)

The optimal weather
If you want to harvest your potatoes, you should choose a sunny day with dry weather.

❀ Careful when harvesting

It is best to use a special digging fork to harvest the potatoes. It is important that you carefully and carefully take the tubers out of the soil. If some potatoes are injured, you should consume them as soon as possible.

Use the digging fork to carefully penetrate the soil. The plant should be lifted from below. So do not prick the soil directly on the plant, but a little further away. If you hold the tool at an angle to the plant, the digging fork serves as a kind of lever. If the soil is loose enough, you can pull the plant together with some bulbs completely out of the ground. Then you should dig around the ground with your hands if possible to find the remaining potatoes.

❀ The correct storage of the potatoes

Potato trays ideal for storage

So that you can store your potatoes for as long as possible, there are a few things to consider. Spread the potatoes in a dark place immediately after harvesting, so they can dry better and the soil still adhering to them falls off more easily. Do not stack potatoes on top of each other during storage, because this quickly creates pressure points where mold can easily develop.

It is best to use potato trays for storage, there is also enough air in the tubers. (»Order cheap potato box here) The storage location must be dark and above all frost-free. A temperature between four and eight degrees would be ideal for storage. In addition to the basement, the attic is also ideal.