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5 important safety tips for play equipment in the garden


A garden is not only there for planting and relaxing, it is often also a playground for children. It is therefore important that you pay great attention to safety here.

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A lovingly designed garden is something beautiful. If children can also play carefree and, above all, safely, then that is of course even better. After all, it can happen so quickly that something happens to the little ones while playing. Not only that they could fall and injure themselves. No, a garden generally poses risks for children here and there. Therefore, you should definitely make your garden childproof. But of course, with the playground equipment on a playground you have created yourself, you must pay attention to a few points regarding safety. So that nothing happens to your children, we have listed the most important points here.

By the way:
If your children are visiting friends, you are responsible for their safety and are therefore liable for them. So you are responsible around the clock for ensuring that nobody in your garden or on your children's play equipment is injured.

How to make the playground in the garden safe

❶ Do not integrate poisonous plants in the garden:

The garden is a fascinating place for children. Here you can not only romp and get creative, but also learn a lot about plants, animals and the seasons. Of course, you should really always have a watchful eye over your children, but sometimes you can't have your eyes everywhere at the same time. That is why it is very important that you do not integrate any poisonous plants in the garden around the playground and ideally in general. These include, for example:

  • ivy
  • laburnum
  • holly
  • belladonna
  • euonymus
  • monkshood
  • lily of the valley
  • foxglove
  • delphinium
  • hellebores
  • Autumn crocus

Important: there are also poisonous weeds. You should therefore take special care when suddenly new plants appear in the garden that you have not planted.

❷ Pay attention to safety when buying the play equipment:

Always only buy playground equipment that has been awarded the GS mark for tested safety awarded by the TÜV. Also pay attention to:

  • stable designs / woods
  • solid and precise constructions
  • Columns in which pinching is possible
  • Fasteners and screws made of galvanized steel
  • sharp corners and edges
  • weatherproof and colourfast plastic

In principle, it is advisable to use wooden play equipment. If, for example, they are impregnated with boiler pressure, they are not only extremely robust, moisture and cold do not affect the wood's statics. The woods for playground equipment are generally resistant to mold, rot and pests. Swing frames made of wood as well as sandboxes and playhouses are therefore very durable and require little maintenance. Robinia playground equipment, for example, has a lifespan of around 30 years. Then even the grandchildren can still play with them.

❸ Set up play equipment safely:

You can go wrong in setting up or laying out the playground in the garden. First of all, you should make sure that you set up the playground equipment on a flat surface.

When assembling, you should also remember that you anchor all parts firmly in the ground. For example, by digging the posts deep enough or, better yet, concreting them in. This way you can effectively prevent the devices from tipping over later. In addition, you should keep a safety distance of at least two meters from play equipment to play equipment or trees, walls, etc.

When buying the play equipment, make sure that all wooden components are rounded and stably glued and that all screw connections can be deepened and protected. This is the only way to prevent your children from getting caught on the protruding parts with clothing, jewelry or hair. Therefore, always prefer screw connections to nailing the parts.

❹ Think about fall protection:

Where children play, you should always think of fall protection. To avoid injuries when romping around, it is advisable to use natural materials such as Spreading bark mulch, sand or fine gravel under a swing and climbing frame or spreading so-called fall protection mats. The only important thing is that the water underneath can seep away well and the play equipment does not remain in puddles for a long time.

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Such fall protection is really extremely important, because according to Zurich Insurance Corporation, e.g. in Austria around 9,000 children to hospital after accidents on playground equipment.

❺ Regularly maintain playground equipment:

Just as you do with your garden house, garden furniture, etc., you must also regularly maintain your children's playground equipment and check for damage. Check whether:

  • the play equipment is still standing securely
  • Protruding screws or nails
  • Splinters of wood are visible
  • Ropes, ladders, etc. are firm and in good condition

If you integrate a sandpit in the garden, it is best to always cover it with a plastic tarpaulin in the cold season and regularly check the ropes or chains and seats on the swing. The same applies to the safety net on the trampoline.


So that you can watch your children carefree while playing in the garden, you should definitely follow our safety tips. This will reduce the likelihood that your little one will get slightly or even seriously injured while playing. More on the subject: