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Caring for conifers - How to get your evergreen hedge


Conifers are extremely robust and undemanding. Nevertheless, they need a lot of care, especially in the first weeks, so that they can develop splendidly.

Young specimens in particular need a lot of attention With the exception of larch, whose foliage turns red in autumn and is lost in the winter months, the conifers are evergreen and leafy plants. Therefore, they are particularly suitable as a privacy screen or as a hedge.

In and of itself, you can describe conifers as undemanding, but you still need to take care of them a little. In this article you will find out what there is to consider in particular.

Conifers must grow and thrive

If you reinstall conifers, the situation is usually miserable. The young plants are small, the planting distance seems far too large and your hedge is everything, just not opaque. However, that happens after a few years.

Already in the first growth period after the growth, the individual plants enlarge and approach the conifers by their side. Once the hedge is formed, you hardly need to worry about maintenance. The following tips are important:

  • Do not let the floor dry out
  • In between, fertilize with a needle fertilizer
  • Always cut back in spring
  • Do not injure old wood

Caring for conifers in hedges properly

As already mentioned, conifers are particularly valuable for hedges or as privacy. Since the plants do not go bald even in winter, they enliven the garden even in the dreariest winter months and protect you from prying eyes.

However, your hedge only looks attractive if you take care of it and take care of it in between. Conifers grow quite quickly and tall, so regular pruning is important.

" Attention: The height of your hedge is determined by the regulations of your region or your district. Do not exceed the maximum height and, in the case of a hedge for limitation purposes, make sure that sidewalks do not overgrow and the road remains visible.

So that you can successfully form a hedge from conifers from the start, you should not start planting without a plan.

Gezielt Think carefully about which route you want to plant with conifers and calculate how many young plants you need. The ideal planting distance is between 0.5 and two meters, depending on the type of conifer and size when planted. You get an opaque hedge if you place a maximum of three conifers per meter.

" Tip: Do not set the conifer hedge directly to the border as a privacy screen to the neighbor. You have to cut them back regularly and you should have enough leeway to avoid having to enter the neighboring property.

❷ You don't have to constantly straighten wild coniferous hedges, you can simply let the growth run its course. However, such hedges tend to become very bulky and overshadow sidewalks. Watch the growth and cut back to wildly overgrown conifers in spring.

❸ Hedges require a little more effort. You must always cut back these specimens in spring and adjust the height and width of the individual conifers. A cut is due at least once a year.

" Important: When cutting back, you can easily remove the excess leaves of the conifer. Only the old wood that forms near the trunk must not be damaged.

After pruning, don't be surprised if the conifers look brown and pathetic. Old wood always forms towards the trunk and no longer has green branches. After the cut, it becomes visible, but new branches quickly form, making your hedge appear in full splendor again.